It's Important to have Date Night for Married Couples

I hear it all the time for married people to continue to date your spouse. It's a great concept and I totally understand why people say this but sometimes it's hard to make this happen. Both my husband and myself work, we have kids, we have a busy toddler running around the house. Also, we are both entrepreneurs building businesses. So sometimes it's hard to actually make time for date nights.

Yesterday my husband called me from work and asked me if I could manage getting out of the house with him for a little bit after hours. Knowing that we both needed a little bit of adult time I agreed and we made it happen. It was a very simple date night with a little bit of bar-hopping but we did a lot of talking.

It was just so nice to be able to talk to my husband. I was about to just catch up with the man that I'm in love. We were able to talk about normal this and not talk about kids, diapers, and bills. We were about to be flirty and dance and drink. It was nice.

The reason I just wanted to write about this was to remind all of my readers that are married or in long term relationships to continue to date the one you love. We all get caught up in life and the things that happens around us but sometimes we forget to make time for one another. It is so important to stay connected and to reconnect with each other because in marriage and relationships you have some hard times. It's good to remember why you love this person. It's good to remember why you decided to be with this person the first place. I am all for it guys! Date your husband! Date your wives! It is good and healthy for your relationship.