Top 5 Songs Dedicated to Super Moms

# 5

“I Wish You Were Here” (Jamie Foxx) As everybody knows Jamie Foxx is my husband (in my mind) so I basically study his music (lol). In his second album Unpredictable, Jamie dedicates this song to his late grandmother. The heart-filled lyrics really embrace missing a loved one and wishing they were there again.

# 4

“Baby Mama” (Fantasia) With Fantasia’s debut album Free Yourself I instantly took a liking to the song “Baby Mama.” I loved how she was honoring the word “Baby Mama” and making it positive. But it wasn’t until I had my daughter that I could value every word in that song as a single mother. I saw Fantasia sing this live on Mother’s Day 2009 and it brought tears to my eyes.

# 3

“To Zion” (Lauryn Hill) In Lauryn Hill’s “To Zion” she’s singing to her unborn son. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, I could truly relate to the bond she was singing about. I think this song captures the emotion of how much love a mother can have for her unborn child.

# 2

“Dear Mama” (TuPac) I stand behind this statement: “TUPAC IS THE GREATEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME!” I love me some TuPac for his lyrics alone. In his hit song “Dear Mama”, TuPac talked about the struggles his mother went through as a poor, single mother. He gets extremely deep and you can really feel the love appreciation he has for his mom.

# 1

A Song For Mama (Boys II Men) This song is CLASSIC!! For me it fits my grandmothers. I know it’s technically for mothers but I think the movie “Soul Food” sticks out not to mention all of the grandchildren (in my family) sang this at my great grandmother’s funeral. There ain’t no love like “Big Mama’s” love. and this songs speaks of it