Top 5 Songs Dedicated to Super Dads

June 2011

#5 Winds Beneath My Wings - Eddie & Gerald Levert

This song has a few different renditions by several artists, but this father-son version by the Leverts really touched me. Eddie Levert and his son, the late Gerald Levert, are two SANGERS (not singers but sangers) and it’s very refreshing to hear them sing a song with so much passion.

#4 A Woman’s Hands - Trey Songz

I actually had to get hip to this song from the Go2Gurl (she loves to get her props). In this Song Trey is saying that although a mother’s love is very much needed and appreciated, a boy needs his father as well to be- come a man. I think this a powerful yet true statement. Women can only do so much, but children need their fathers as well.

#3 Daddy- Beyonce

I love this song! This song is a “Daddy’s Girl” letter to her dad. Being that I am a 100% daddy’s girl I understand the true meaning of this song.There is a special bond between a father and his little princess.This song makes me cry. Shout out to my daddy! I love you!

#2 Just The Two Of Us - Will Smith

Whenever I hear this song it puts me in a feel good mood and takes me back to the 90’s. I love the way Will talks about the emotions of be- coming a father. This is a very cute song and it reminds me of my brother and men like Brotha Insight and the love they have for their sons. I say it all the time; a man loving their child(ren) is a SEXY thing.

#1 Dance with My Father - Luther Vandross

The late Luther Vandross & my uncle (in my mind) has the number one father song. The lyrics are so REAL! Have you guys ever just sat back and listened? You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and just have a lot of flashback moments. A really big message that this song brings is to cherish you fathers while you have them. Tomorrow is not promised and great fathers are hard to come by so if you have one., love your daddy while you have time with him.

R.I.P. to my PawPaw

Rev.William Marshall King Jr.