The Ride or Die Chick

I have been hearing the phrase “I want a ride or die chick” since I was a child. Growing up with a lot of male cousins put me in the position to see and hear what men “claim” they want and need. It wasn’t until I reached my mid-20s (I’m still in my 20s FYI, lol) that I really started to examine what a “ride or die chick” really entails.

As I started doing my research, I decided that there are different types of women that fit into the so called “ride or die” box.

#1 The Old Fashioned Woman This woman stands by her man. No matter what he does, she’ll always be there. In a way, she’s a borderline “door mat”. Back in the day, men would bring home children from other women and she would just accept it as her own and turn the other cheek. He’ll beat the taste out of her and she’ll stay. She doesn’t really stand up for herself, and doesn’t state her opinions. Some may say she has low self esteem, others will say she’s a “ride or die chick”.

#2 The Hood Chick She’s ride or die for real! She’s sneaking drugs to him while he’s in jail. She’ll drive the getaway car while he commits a crime and she will not ever leave. If he breaks up with her, she’s doesn’t care. She ain't going anywhere. She’s beat up your new women just to let them know who’s the HBIC. She’s so into him that she won’t EVER let go. EVER!

#3 The Supporter I can personally relate to the “Supporter”. You stand by your man. Let him be the leader in the relationship. Support his dreams and do your all to help them come to life. The supporter isn’t afraid to express her thoughts and opinions but knows how to be a lady and let him be the man. Her main focus is what’s best for them as a couple or their family.

So now my question is, are you are “ride or die chick”? And if so, what category do you fit in?