The Fantasia Chase

MsiCandi & The Go2Gurl Had a Fantasia Filled Weekend

August 2011

Team iCandi had a Fantasia-filled weekend! With Go2Gurl & I (MsiCandi) being two of Fantasia's fans, we made it our BUSINESS to check her out in Jacksonville for her two shows. First, she performed at the Outre Hair show, which was hosted by Derek J (Atlanta Housewives & Hair Battle Spectacular) and Ms Nicki.

Day Two of “The Fantasia Chase” was at The Riverview Apartments' GRAND OPENING. We waited out in the hot sun for hours standing in one spot for HOURS (y'all know how much I despise sweating...only for Tasia)! The weekend was just wonderful!! We were happy with just seeing our girl “bo bo” around singing our favorite songs. An added bonus was when Fantasia decided to announce her pregnancy and being that I tend to document EVERYTHING I was recording the whole thing. Our video has been all over the media (internet & television) WORLDWIDE! It would only make sense that Fantasia would have something to do with getting iCandi’s name out there!


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