April 2012

Get on Up (Jodeci)

I don’t know about you but whether I’m cleaning up my house or cleaning out my life I like some good upbeat dance music. It gets my blood flowing, gives me energy, and puts me in a mood to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Jodeci says it best: GET ON UP! Get on up and clean the carpet! Get on up and stop being depressed. Get on up!

Even Angels (Fantasia)

This song is another that motivates me to KEEP TRYING! In this thing we call life, we are thrown all types of tests. Sometimes we pass on the first try, other times we have some serious lessons to learn in the process. But we are humans and it s*it happens. So, the next time you are going through, don’t be so hard on yourself because “Even Angels Learn How to Fly”.

Don’t Take It Personal (Monica)

Sometimes cleaning out your life can involve some decision making and in order to make those decisions you need some ME time. Monica says it best “Don’t Take it Personal”. Just take some time for yourself so you can think clearly and not take anger or emotions out on the innocent bystander.

We Fall Down (Donnie Mcklurkin)

This is truly the song that motivates me to keep going! In spite of all you might be going through, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and KEEP GOING!! In life we make mistakes and poor choices, but we always have the chance to learn from them and CHANGE! So yes we might fall down but GET UP! Don’t stay down! YOU CAN DO IT!

Man in The Mirror (Michael Jackson)

Sometimes cleaning up your life starts with cleaning up yourself. You know what they say. If you keep getting the same outcomes maybe it’s YOU! There comes a time when you have to accept responsibility for your actions, FACE THE FACTS, and start making a change within. Look at than man (or woman) in the mirror and get to cleaning.

Listen (Beyonce)

Have you ever had people doubt your potential whenever you get a new idea or you go after your dreams? They are always being “Debby Downers,” telling you that it’s a bad idea or how it’s a waste of time. This song inspires you to follow your voice inside and go after your dreams ANYWAY!

There’s Hope (India Arie)

This songs takes me to my “happy place.” It really reminds me what is important in life. At times we get so caught up in money, drama, image, and reputations that we forget the small blessings that happen every day. “It doesn’t cost a thing to smile, you don’t have to pay to laugh, you better thank God for that!” Amen India! Amen!

Sometimes I Cry (Eric Benet)

One of the best things you can actually do to clean out emotions and feelings is CRY. Some people (especially men) might feel it’s a sign of weakness to cry but crying is one of the best forms of therapy out there (not to mention it doesn’t cost a dime). It’s okay to cry. It’s actually healthy. Don’t hold all of those emotions in. Let it out. Sometimes you just gotta cry.

Tired (Kelly Price)

Have you ever truly been TIRED! Most of the time people don’t start making real changes in their lives until they are really TIRED of the situation. If you tired of that bad job? Are you tired of that jealous girlfriend? Are you tired of blue curtains in your living room? Changes don’t begin to be made until one is TRULY TIRED! If you have reached this point, it’s time to take the proper steps to make some changes.

Free Yourself (Fantasia)

This is the official getting over a bad relationship song! Ladies (and gentlemen too) if you are in a relationship where you are feeling unappreciated, mistreated, unloved, disrespected, just HURT, play this song and put it on repeat! This song has GOTTEN ME THROUGH! I’ve cried with this song, shouted with this song and even bounced back to this song. FREE YOURSELF!! If you don’t believe me, just listen for yourself. SANG TASIA!!