My Very 1st Book Launch

So it has finally happened. I have written, published, and launched my very first book. It’s pretty crazy because this is not anything that was ever on my bucket list. It all started in 2016. My then best friend/companion (I hated calling him my boyfriend) and I went to a motivational conference that was promoted on Facebook and came across free tickets. We didn't know what to expect.

At the conference we ended up signing up for the connecting bootcamp for beginning authors with Gerry Roberts. Gerry was just the big name behind it (he wasn’t there) but he had some very capable people running the bootcamp. They taught us how to organize our ideas and get the book started. We were there all day writing. I ended up leaving the conference with a book concept and chapters, and even brainstormed with the first three titles. It was a great investment. I think the bootcamp cost me $60 to sign up for. 

Now the bootcamp was definitely a sales pitch to get you to use their services to help with cover design, editing, and publishing, and marketing. If I had signed up for them at the end it would have cost me $5,000 at the most, but I was inspired by the bootcamp itself. I did decline the option to pay $5,000 to join the company and use their services. I felt that they had gotten me started and I would finish on my own. 

After leaving the bootcamp I got to writing. I would write at work (good thing I no longer work for that company). During my down time I would open up Microsoft Word and write while listening to podcasts. At first the writing was swift. I felt like I had accomplished something but after Chapter 7, I got a little distracted. I got engaged!! 

Listen, I had been waiting for this proposal and went into full bridal mode! I had a wedding to plan! We picked a date one year away and I was a do-it-yourself bride. Although planning the wedding took up a lot of my brain space I did complete two more chapters during the process. 

After the wedding life happened, and we got hit hard! We had several deaths in the family, some friendships dissolved, and things just got rough. I wasn’t inspired to write (and I only had one more chapter to go). Shortly after I found out that I was pregnant and we had a milestone to prepare for. Somehow I finished my final chapter during the pregnancy. Guess where I finished that last chapter? That's right! At work!

For almost a year, my book was just sitting there. I wasn’t really focused on publishing it. I had to finish out my pregnancy then get reacquainted to mothering a baby. I had informed my editor that the book was complete and he was just waiting for me to send it to him, but procrastination, distraction, and lack of motivation was holding me back. 

I then saw a new business associate post something on social media. She was asking if anyone was interested in writing and publishing a book. I think God motivated me to reach out because once I did things started moving fast.

Let me all introduce you to April Richardson. April called me later that day and agreed to show me the ropes and basically hold my hand to get me self-published. April also designed my cover for my book, she created a book mock up, and kept me on task. She would reach out and send reminders, checking in to make sure I wasn’t falling behind schedule. I am so blessed that April showed up when she did because she was a vital part of me taking the extra steps and publishing my book.

April and I talked on July 17, 2019. My editor (Jamaal Bivens) had my book edited and back to me in a week and I just had to format it properly and go from there. In three months' time everything was finished, just in time for my release date of October 5, 2019. The process wasn’t hard at all and if you are an author looking to self publish I highly recommend that you contact April at today!

Planing the launch party was fun! Parties are my thing!! I reached out to a friend of mine who had just opened her boutique, Mercedes Brown Boutique! The place is amazing. If you happen to be in the area of Cincinnati you should definitely check it out. Hair, accessories, and cosmetics are their specialties. They also really support women’s empowerment so when I told her about my book launch, she was on board for me to host the release party there. 

My Sister in-law lad made the cited "book cupcakes"
Sweets By Amber

I recruited family and friends to help with food and setting up. Amber made some great cupcakes with my book title and chapters and toppers and Tosha had her mom make some mac and cheese!!! I wanted light appetizers and wine. Not too much but just enough! We arrived early and set up!

Once the launch started everything was amazing. Family, friends, and even a couple new faces showed up to support. I sold books, signed books, and took pictures! It was a great way to celebrate the launching of my very first book! I have actually started to writing process on my second book.