My “Hello Fresh” Journey

I have been telling my family all year that I wanted to start eating healthy. I even went as far as telling them that my end goal is to go vegan. I really wasn’t following through with anything until recently.

My good friend and fellow dj (DJ Sutle) emailed me a coupon to try Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh is a meal kit delivering service where they mail you fresh ingredients and recipes weekly.

They have different plan option for as small feeding 1 person and as large as groceries for restaurants.  The coupon was for $40 basically 1 free week to try so I decided why not!

I choose for the vegetarian meals to see if I could really attempt to switch to the vegan life at one point. The box arrived on Tuesday and I was super excited to open it.

There were 3 recipes and different packages in the box. Each package contained fresh ingredients for recipes. I have decided to take you along on this journey with me as I make the recipes.

Being that my children and husband are currently set in their ways I have only signed up for the 2 person meal plan (one for dinner and next day lunch whoooo hoooo). So Let me show you my first recipe.

Harissa Sweet Potato Pockets

This one “looked” most appealing of the 3 to me so I went that route because I figured that I would enjoy it the most.

It took me about 30 mins total to complete and I was very happy with the final result. The only time I really eat sweet potatoes are for Thanksgiving and those are smothered with butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, etc.

This recipe gave me a new outlook on sweet potatoes.

The pockets were refreshing and it actually tasted fresh. The seasoning that they provided blended very well and I enjoyed it. I tried to get the husband to try one but he opted for the fried chicken that I made for the kids. Go figure.