Music artists that make you want to be “in love”

July 2011

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am a music head. I love music. Music has a way of bringing out emotions inside of me. Although I love all music, my favorite is romantic love songs. For some reason to me it’s just feel good music. There are so many great musicians out there that make music for “romantic junkies” like me. I’m sure you're all hip to some of my favorites, but if not, here they are:

LUTHER VANDROSS Everybody knows that Luther Vandross is the Godfather of romance music. I couldn’t even just select one song as my favorite song from him. He has some many timeless classics that people have gotten married to, danced their first dance

to, made babies to. Luther was the man! You really can’t go wrong with this man.

INDIA ARIE India is one of those artists that I definitely can’t get enough of. She has music for all types of situations and emotions, but when she goes in on love, it seems like she’s speaking from her soul. For those that have truly experienced the wonderful feeling of love, songs such as “The Truth” and “Can I Walk With You” really capture the meaning of “real love”.

MUSIQ SOULCHILD Musiq Soulchild is definitely a lover not a fighter. This man’s songs ooze romance. A few of my favorites are tunes such as “Love”,“So Beautiful”, and “Don’t Change”. Musiq makes you want to run out and fall in love.

JILL SCOTT I LOVE JILL SCOTT!! Not only is she a singer but she’s a poet as well. She takes you on a journey with her music and lets you experience what love feels like through songs. One of my favorite songs by her is “It’s Love". It’s a real feel good, fun song that describes that newness of being in love.

BRIAN MCKNIGHT, BEYONCE', & JOHN LEGEND When it comes to Beyonce', I only have one thing to say: “Dangerously in Love” Enough said!! Brian McKnight’s falsetto makes you want to fall in love.“Still in Love”,“Love of My Life”,“Never FeltThisWay”.(Sighs) John Legend’s first Album “Get Lifted” made me fall in love with being in love. I want that “Stay with You” type of love. I’m waiting on someone to get me “So High” off of their love. Now y'all know I’m bout to go run out and find me a boo! (laughs)