5 Signs He's Falling in Love

January 2012

He Can’t Stop Smiling

Whenever you are in his presence, he’s always smiling. You walk in a room and you actually notice how his face lights up. I don’t know what it is but there is something about your presence that puts him in a good mood. Keep it up girly. He’s taking steps towards falling in love.

He Includes you in Future Plans

I’m not talking next week’s local Happy Hour, I mean the FUTURE. It may be a vacation six months away or a trip home for a traditional family event. If he’s making future plans and including you, more than likely he sees longevity in this relationship.

He Goes out of his Way for You

Although lately I hear several men refer to acts of generosity as “simping” when a man is truly falling for you, that word goes out of his vocabulary. He wants to be your knight in shining armor. Whether it’s warming up your car for you so you won’t have to sit in the cold or rearranging his schedule to help you move into your new apartment. If he’s doing EXTRA for you and inconveniencing himself, you are wear- ing him down girl!

He Supports all of your Dreams

(even the far-fetched ones) You decide that you want to run a marathon, he helps you train, and is there cheering for you the day of the event! Everyone knows that you can NOT cook but you decide that you now want to be a chef and he puts on the brave face and happily samples all of you disgusting I mean, delicious meals.

He Says Those 3 Words

I know sometimes people use the words out of context, saying “I Love You” when that’s not their true feelings, but a real man, I mean a grown a** man, is different. When he falls for a woman he will simply tell her. He’s marking his territory and claiming his queen; getting her o the market asap.

So there you have it. Men aren’t as complicated as women. For us, it might be harder to tell if we are falling in love being that we (well, women like myself) are naturally nurturing and loving beings, so someone might think that’s what comes natural as a woman falling in love. Men are different. When they start to develop feelings the signs are rather easy. But be careful; sometimes a woman can want something so bad that they read way too much into something and create their own signs.

Hopefully you all have found that special someone and you are both loving on each other this holiday season. Until next time..

Candi Kisses