Making Love vs F*&%ing (There is a Difference)

In true MsiCandi fashion I must give you all the REAL DEAL and set the record straight that there is indeed a difference between making love and F%#*ing (or “Effin” as I like to call it).

Let’s start with sex. Webster’s definition:

SEX - either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated with reference to the reproductive functions.

Yeah, Webster’s plays too much for me as well. Let’s just go with MsiCand’s basic definition.

SEX - An imitate activity where two individuals open themselves up to one another allowing penetration, oral sensations, anal sensations, and a few more raunchy activities.

Now, as bland as I attempted to make that sound, sex can be an amazing experience. For me, I consider myself a love maker. Go back and read Mayo’s and Mrs. Reece’s articles. I fit into those categories, as I am they type of person that will build a bond with someone. I let them get to know me, the person. We develop a connection, let a mutual respect develop, and eventually it turns i

nto love; from there sex comes into play and we create magic.

Making love doesn’t reflect on how big a man is or how much a woman can throw it back. Experience levels don’t play into it. It’s all about feelings and emotions. I love you so much that I’m expressing my love by giving you a part of me and vice versa. It’s being in love with your partner and being in tune with their body. It’s allowing yourself to be selfless and focused on pleasing them in the moment. In my opinion (because I know how some of y’all like to disagree with me, lol) Effin’ is about self and making love is about them.

Love making can last days, months, years, or a lifetime. Love making can be tending to your mate when they are sick, consoling them when they are sad, helping them when they need help, saving them when they need to be saved (we all need to be saved from time to time). Making love is being consistent, reliable, honest, loving, devoted, and connected.

Now, I'm not judging those that are just “doing it” to get their rocks off, but when you are ready to experience magic, take your time, get to know them, create a bond, fall in love, and watch your sex life go from good to AMAZING.

Until next month Candies,

Be iCandilicious!