Get to Know Marissa Alexander

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, let me introduce you to Marissa Alexander. She was just sentenced twenty years in prison for shooting her registered gun in the air to scare her abusive husband off when her threatened her life. No one was killed or injured. I’ve actually done my research and heard BOTH sides of the story.

Her husband admits to being an abusive man. He’s stated that he’s physically abused 4 out of 5 of his children’s mothers. He also admitted to threatening Marissa’s life the day of the incident. When you “google” this case, the one thing you will catch is that she was able to get away from her husband and ran into the garage, but came back into the house with a gun. YES, she went back into the house, but the garage door was jammed and she had no other option. In the husband’s deposition he stated that he knew she had to come back in and he was waiting for her. But let’s not even discuss that.

Let's talk bout why this woman was sentenced the maximum amount of time for NOT harming anyone. A mother, a battered wife! Twenty years!!!! Our justice system has truly failed us. We have a 17-year-old child murdered for “looking” suspicious to an overbearing neighbor, someone that went against the police’s orders and decided that he was to take the law into his own hands.

Marissa however, followed the law. She got a gun permit, bought and registered a gun, shot a warning shot to tell her abuser to back off and she gets the max in jail, while Trayvon’s murder is out on bail, receiving all type of donations for his legal fees. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?

Who is our justice system really made to protect? Are women to now assume that when in an abusive relationship JUST DEAL WITH IT; don’t stand up for yourselves because they will turn it around and lock you up? We live in really messed up world. We can no longer be quiet. We can no longer ignore these issues. You could be next! I could be next! Our children could be next! It’s time to get involved and make some noise.

To find out more information about Marissa Alexander's case and how you can get involved go to the following places below. Let’s move on this! It’s time to make a CHANGE!!