July 2011

Ok! I admit it! I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in true love, soulmates, second chances, and happily ever afters. This is all coming from a single mother whose heart has been broken a time or two. Most of my married “elders” are unhappily married or divorced. I still think it’s possible to get a fairy tale romance story. When I say “fairy tale”, I don’t mean magic fairies, princesses & frogs, and mice that can sew. I’m taking about an everlasting love between two people that can weather the storms.

Most of my peers are so quick to “give it up” or “break up” that they don’t let true love develop. I might get a few hate mail letters for this one but Ladies: If you are looking for a man to truly stick around take your time with sharing your body, let him get to know you, the person, before he gets to know your body. I know you are probably thinking, “Who is she? Didn’t she just say she’s single?” Yes, I am single, but I have made my own mistakes and witnessed enough of others' mistakes to know that this works. Just try it.

The next time you meet a guy, don’t instantly rush to give him the goodies. Get to know him a little bit. What’s his last name? How many brothers and sisters does he have? Does he have any children? Does he take care of his children? With the rate of single parents out here it could do us all some good to get to know the person before we make a baby with a complete stranger. Remember, it only takes one time. Another thing that I think we do to mess up our chances of getting our “fairy tales” is being greedy. We always think there is “something better”.

Fellas: you can have a GREAT woman that looks great, treats you wonderfully, works hard, fears God, gets along with your family, has good sex, etc., but you will step out on her or end it because you “think” it might be something better out there. That could have been your “fairy tale” but look what you just did: tossed her away, hurt her, and now she’s all bitter and jacked up for future men.

LADIES we are NOT off the hook; WE do this as well. We will dog out a GREAT guy for a fool! WE ARE TRIPPIN'!! We must do better if we truly are seeking happiness and want our “fairy tales”.

I was able to witness a fairy tale for nineteen years. My grandparents had the “fairy tale”. They had the type of love that glowed when they were in the same room. I remember be- ing young and always saying “ewwwwww” because after forty-plus years of marriage they would still be all over each other -- IN PUBLIC.

Having those two as role models might be what gives me hope. It might be what inspired women like me to continue believing in love after being knocked down time and time again. If my end result is to have a love like the one my grandparents shared that I plan to



R.I.P. Nana & PawPaw Always In My Heart