6 Men That Women Should Avoid

March 2014

It’s 2014 and the resolutions have been set. One of the popular resolutions among women has everything to do with dating. When it comes to dating and finding the right man for you, there are a few certain types of men that you need to avoid at all costs. Now pay attention ladies; because although some of these might seem like common sense, a lot of them slip into our lives.

#1 Mr. Negative

(Debby Downer, always complaining)

This dude is ALWAYS complaining about something. Situations, prices, fashion, sex, work, Etc. It’s just bad, bad, bad! Men like this need to be by their damn selves because they will ruin EVERY happy moment you experience by pointing out the negative. Why would you sit and deal with that?

#2 Mr. Follower

(Easily influenced, weak minded)

One thing that most women will agree on is that we don’t want a weak man. I’m not referring to physically weak (I don’t think many of us want that either), but I’m talking about mentally weak. Mr. Follower is easily influenced by others and is not able to think for himself. Women that are looking for a man to be the head of her household doesn’t need to bring Mr. Follower into their circle. He’s unable to make decisions on his own, he’s unable to stand up for himself (and her), and he’s more prone to fall into a life of addiction, crime, and/or infidelity. Ladies, you don’t want a Mr. Follower. Find a man that is able to do things for himself and is able to walk away from peer pressure.

#3 Mr. Controlling

(do what I say, when I say it)

Now this one might almost be able to slip through the cracks. At 1st a woman might look at his “take charge” and very attentive attitude as masculine and sexy. Yes, that’s all nice and dandy until Mr. Controlling is monitoring what you wear, where you go, who your friends are, what you eat, etc. Early signs can be subtle things such as “I like it best when you wear your hair like this” or he picks a fight when you come in after 1 a.m. from a girls night out saying he misses you and can’t asleep

#4 Mr. Excuses

(‘the man’ keeps me down, I can’t do this because...)

I can’t get a job because the the pay is too low, my baby mama won’t let me see my kids, I can’t go to school because I don’t agree with homework -- I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. Every time something somewhat challenging comes up, he has an excuse as to why he can’t do it, complete the task, or even attempt to try. Mr. Excuses never owns up to his mistakes or problems. It’s always someone else’s fault. He will be the first one to throw you under the bus.

#5 Mr. Playboy (playa playa)

Need I explain this? He’s a flirt. Not that flirting is all bad, but he doesn’t understand where to draw the line. All of his “female friends” have seen his bedroom and he welcomes attention from thirsty women. He’s not ready to settle down with just one woman. Most likely, he’s very attractive and he knows it because Keshia, Chante, Melissa, and Becky all tell him every day.

#6 In The Way Ninja

(Lazy, unmotivated, leeching mofo, bum)

is a term that I got from my father. An “In the Way Ninja” isn’t a race thing; it’s a lazy thing. Don’t get it twisted; this mofo is just lazy!! He doesn’t work, doesn’t help around the house, and doesn’t help with the kids. He’ll drive your car, eat your food, play video games all day, and is content with that. He’s content with a woman fully taking care of him while he sits on his a** all day. I mean damn, I can’t even get a PB&J sandwich out of this ninja! I blame his mama for this and that’s exactly where he should be, living at home with his mama somewhere, not in a relationship.

I am sure that you have run into at least two of these men and hopefully you learned your lesson instead of creating habits. These men are NOT the type that you can mold and change. Yes, there are always exceptions to the rules and some men can change (when THEY want to, not when you want them to), but do you really want to gamble your life’s happiness when the odds are against you? Take my advice ladies; if you come across any of these men, RUNNNNNN!!

We did a show on this in January; check it out at:

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