Black Girl Rock

In honor of Black History month I’ve decided to dedicate this newsletter to Black women specifically (nothing against the fellas but my heart really wanted to honor black women). I am so proud to be a black woman. Not only are we beautiful, but we are strong, kindhearted, gracious, loyal, and the backbones to our communities! We’ve gone from being forcefully taken from our homes to work as slaves to holding our men down, raising families, getting college degrees, owning our own businesses, and even becoming billionaires! Although we are far from perfect I think we all should just stand up and shout this like we mean it:


We went to the Kingsley Plantation to shoot the pictorial for this month’s newsletter; just being there and seeing the conditions that our ancestors were forced to deal with really hit me. I think we sometimes get so caught up in the present that we don’t reflect on our past. Look how far we’ve come!!! We are still making moves!!!

Black Girls, you ROCK!!

Remember your history!! Remember what the black women before us went through. Make them proud. Stand up!! Know your worth and your potential. DON’T STOP!! DON’T GIVE UP!

You are a BLACK girl and you ROCK!

No offense to my other races. You all know I love everybody and I think women period are amazing and we all rock, but today I am celebrating my BLACKNESS! I am celebrating my mother, my godmother, my nana, my grandma, my granny, my great-grandma Parker, My IDear, my aunts, great aunts, older cousins, mentors, and my sistas in general! You have all been a true blessing in my life and from one black girl to another...


Oprah Winfery .................. Tyra Banks.......................... MsiCandi

That’s right!!!! I said it!!! I have goals and dreams that might possibly put me on the same level as those two divas! For the month of February iCandi has dedicated the newsletter to “Black Girls Rock!", so why not pat my own self on the back? I’m a black girl..... well a black WOMAN and I ROCK!!