20 Things you might NOT know about MsiCandi

April 2013

#1 MsiCandi enjoys most food that people dislike, like liver and Chitterlings (when she ate pork)

#2 Look really closely at the picture where you can see her left thigh, there is a two-inch scar. She got that hanging out with her dad “the junk man” carrying a block of glass at 8 years old. Such a tomboy!

#3 MsiCandi has broken over 10 bones (both feet,elbow, wrist 3 times, and 5 fingers).

#4 MsiCandi’s all time favorite song is “Cause I Love You” by Lenny Williams.

#5 MsiCandi has one tattoo on the upper left side of her back of a Native American symbol that stands for “everlasting life” (in memory of her grandmothers).

#6 Her favorite material item is her 25 year old teddy bear (he’s traveled America with her).

#7 There are three people that come with MsiCandi: Juli, MsiCandi, and Justine!

#8 MsiCandi is addicted to Disney Movies.

#9 MsiCandi was on a hockey team in junior high school.

#10 MsiCandi is addicted to weddings because she’s a hopeless romantic.

#12 MsiCandi loves heels but can barely walk in them.

#13 MsiCandi worked at a daycare center in college.

#14 MsiCandi is obsessed with monkeys! She wants a pet monkey!

#15 MsiCandi started DJing at her childhood recreation center at 11 years old and she went by the name “DJ Shorty.”

#16 MsiCandi’s first film project was a documentary on LGBTs in a history class at the University of Cincinnati.

#17 MsiCandi had braces as a child.

#18 MsiCandi has no middle name.

#19 MsiCandi didn’t get her first REAL kiss until she was 16 years old.

#20 MsiCandi’s government name is Juli- aette (pronounced Julia.at).

Submitted Questions

Go2Gurl: (Finish the sentence) I like it when my man...

MsiCandi: Only has eyes for me.

Go2Gurl: Boooooooooooooooooooo! That’s not juicy, punk!

MsiCandi: (Laughs) Hits it from the back...bites my neck...sucks my toes.

Go2Gurl: (Laughs) Are you fond of the missionary position?

MsiCandi: I do like the missionary position because I like kissing while he is inside of me but I eventually want to flip that sh**!!

Go2Gurl: Ugh! I threw up my omelette! See I’m not built to know your sh**! Lord I feel woozy.

MsiCandi: (Laughs) Hey you asked!

Jose: What do you actually look for in a man?

MsiCandi: Chemistry, great paternal instinct, spirituality, respect, loyalty, a great sense of humor, compassion, security, a protective nature, security in himself, supportive, passionate. Someone that can be my best friend as well as my lover.

Janelle: Have you ever let one get away? If so would you jump at the opportunity to get him back?

MsiCandi: I think they all let me get away actually. (Laughs)