2 years married

Two years ago was the day I married my best friend! It’s crazy how it’s already been two years when I remember every single detail like it was yesterday. I was on a blog hiatus when I got married so I didn’t actually share it at the time. Maybe one day I’ll go just do a “Memory Blog” and talk about it. I was a DIY bride so I have lots to share. 

This blog however isn’t about the wedding. I just wanted to highlight the actual marriage. For me, two years is a big accomplishment. In two years so much has happened. We have had to overcome all types of obstacles.

No one warned me about how hard marriage can be. It can be hard! I mean REALLY hard! No sooner than we came home as husband and wife, life hit us! Life hit us hard! We lost very close loved ones to death. Some friendships dissolved for whatever reason. We had to overcome a rough pregnancy. Financial hardships hit us! It was tough. 

I had my moments where I asked myself, “do I really want this? Is marriage really for me?” I know my husband had some of the same thoughts. It’s crazy right! This was months within the marriage. In my mind we should have still been in the honeymoon stages. Well that wasn’t the case for us. 

Two years in and things still aren’t perfect, but we have decided that we are in this thing and we are going to work for this. I still choose my husband and I love his annoying butt (lol). Although we’ve had some trying times in these past two years, we’ve also had some amazing moments. I want to focus on our great highlights because after every storm there is a rainbow. 

Marriage is still new to me and I’m still learning how to adjust to this #wifelife. It’s not something that just happens overnight. I was just talking to the hubby this morning and we both agree that marriage isn’t for the weak. So to all the married ladies and gentlemen or to the ones that hope to become married one day, suit up and get ready for battle. It’s not easy, but if you guys love each other and are dedicated, you have a partner ready to fight the battle with you. 

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Michael! I wouldn’t want to be in the fight with anyone but you!